Updated Pricelist as of 1.4.2021
POZAGAs a.s. published new Pricelist for provision of services applicable from 1 April 2021. Updated ...
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Welcome to the web site of POZAGAS a.s. This Company owns and operates the Láb 4 Natural Gas Storage Facility situated in the eastern part of the Vienna basin close to the town of Malacky.

The Láb 4 UNGSF comprises a set of depleted natural gas fields converted to serve as underground storage. At present this storage facility accounts for 19% of the total storage capacity available in the Slovak Republic.

Since 1993 the Company has earned an excellent record offering underground natural gas storage services.
Working in a liberalised natural gas market, being strategically located in the proximity of Europe's main transport routes and the Central Europe gas hub at Baumgarten, Austria, as well as owning direct connection to the hub's infrastructure, the Company has grown into a flexible and reliable gas storage services provider operating in the region.