Storage capacity for season 2020/2021
POZAGAS a.s. announced as of 5.6.2019 the storage capacity sales for season 2020/2021 within International ...
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Transparency according to GSE standards

POZAGAS a.s. supports transparent access to its commercial and operational data, as obliged in accordance with Slovak and European legislation. As a member of Gas Infrastructure Europe we do implement the common tool for further approaching to information access, "Transparency Template".

"Transparency Template" provides to the gas market participants the simple and uniform navigation to key information on POZAGAS a.s. website and further enables the access to the information already published on our website.

Services and facilitiesTechnical characteristics
Product and services
How to become a customer/userHow to book capacity
Contract Information
TSO information
CapacitiesPrimary market
Secondary market
Tariffs and pricingPricing / Tariff information
Fee / Price calculator
Legal documentationStorage codes
Regulation and legislation
Operational informationMaintenance
Operational data