Gas season

Gas season 2024/2025

Technical capacityGWh
Working Gas Volume6 947
Daily Injection Flow Rate72,66
Daily withdrawal rate72,66
Contracted capacityGWh
Working Gas Volume5 119
Daily Injection Flow Rate52,81
Daily withdrawal rate46,47
Non-allocated capacityGWh
Working Gas Volume1 828
Daily Injection Flow Rate19,85
Daily withdrawal rate26,19


  1. Available Storage Capacity represents the Storage Capacity that is available for use during the whole storage year (1.4. of that year - 31.3. of the following year) or the remaining part thereof, taking into account the geological and technical characteristics of the Storage Facility, its availability and assuming a standard way of use of the Storage Capacity by the customers.
  2. Published data may be subject to further modification by POZAGAS a.s. This data does not include storage services in the testing phase.