Underground Natural Gas Storage Láb 4

POZAGAS Storage  is a depleted gas field type of storage


Storage facility


Basic parameters

POZAGAS storage (Underground natural gas storage Láb 4) is located in western part of Slovakia in the vicinity of the town Malacky. It is represented by complex of 8 depleted fields of natural gas with depth 620 – 1050 m, which had been gradually converted into gas storage. Compressing power is secured by fleet of gas powered turbo-compressors with total installed capacity of 6.33 MW.

Gas can be injected to the storage and withdrawn back by pool of more than 100 storage wells using 3 technological centers. Technical interconnections of POZAGAS storage with the adjacent networks allow the gas injection and withdrawal to gas hub Baumgarten (Virtual trading point Austria) and transmission network of Slovakia and gas withdrawal to distribution network of Slovakia.

Technical capacity

Technical capacity of POZAGAS storage
Working gas volume

6 947 GWh

Injection flowrate

72.66 GWh/day

Withdrawal flowrate

72.66 GWh/day

Allocation regime

POZAGAS applies allocation regime based on confirmed nomination of customer - gas quantity which POZAGAS has confirmed to store or hand over (quantity of gas nominated and confirmed) shall be considered as injected or withdrawn. Discrepancy between actually measured quantity of gas and the sum of allocated quantities shall be treated between POZAGAS and the respective connected network operator on balancing account (Operational Balancing Account).