A full range of modern storage services reflecting requirements of gas market participants


Storage services


Storage facility POZAGAS offers by the combination of its geographic location in the gas transmission routes proximity and its unique connectivity the excellent tool for security of gas supply or required balancing flexibility for gas market.

POZAGAS thus provides the whole range of modern and reliable services in compliance with Rules of Operation, Technical Terms and Conditions while respecting the geological and technical parameters and legal requirements dedicated to gas storage capacity trading.

In line with the current legislation, POZAGAS a.s. applies negotiated access to storage and market principles are used for the services price discovery. Current prices for services we provide are published in section Pricelist.

In order to trade gas our customer can assemble the required product set containing the following elements: 

Basic services

The basic product cell of our company is the provision of gas storage capacity services. It consists of the combination of working volume, injection and withdrawal flow rate in given ratio. It allows for injection of gas into storage or withdrawal of gas from storage, while the injection and withdrawal curves (ratchets) of the given storage product are applied. The customer has the option of choosing one or a combination of several entry-exit points (handing over acceptance) when contracting the service. Generally, we provide products with flexibility ranging from 120 to 130 days of injection and withdrawal on a short-term or long-term basis.

Detailed information regarding the Basic services.

Additional services

A variety of additional flexibility services could be used to capture additional storage value. Unbundled services, such as additional injection or withdrawal flow rates on an interruptible basis, are among the most popular. The customer requests this service by over nominating his injection or withdrawal. An often used service is the transfer of gas between gas stored accounts or the use of the unique neighboring infrastructure interconnection for the transfer of gas between POZAGAS storage and the connected storage.

Detailed information regarding the Additional services.

Innovative services

The world of the gas industry is in constant movement and development, while the requirements for the innovation of the services provided do not lag behind other energy sectors. We pay close attention to the development of new products and this results in several innovations and unique products in the field of occasional gas trading, in which we offer the common use of increased gas price volatility or support services for inventory financing by our customers.

Detailed information regarding the Innovative services.